There are two divisions in our school (SEECS) where miscellaneous math courses our offered:
1. Dept. of Electrical Engineering (DEE) DEE
2. Dept. of Computing DOC

There are two math courses that I have taught many times at SEECS that include Multivariable and Vector Calculus (MVC) and
Complex Variables and Transform (CVT)

Following changes are implemented in the methodology of teaching math courses in these divisions to engineering students based on the feed-back received from students, alumini etc.

1. Direct link to other engineering courses.
2. To show students how the basic concepts of MVC and CVT get used in research in the departments of EE and DoC.
3. To convince students how logic and reasoning learnt in mathematics can be used to conclude one possibility among infinitely many to resolve a problem.

Below you will find presentations on the implementation of above ideas.

CVT Chain
MVC Chain

I am grateful to Mr. M Nadeem for useful discussions in developing these ideas.